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Ogden Water Local Nature Reserve HX2 8YA
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Ogden Water Local Nature Reserve offers a superb opportunity to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Over 300,000 people visit Ogden Water every year for picnics, walking, feeding the ducks, family outings and nature activities.
Why not enjoy a picnic at one of our picnic tables, whilst taking in the stunning views. View location on Streetmap

The visitor centre will be back open soon, there are a few final hurdles to get over and we hope to be back open for tea, coffee and ice cream.

Please note there is no cycling allowed anywhere on the Ogden Water estate. There is also no fishing allowed within the reservoir.

Visitor Centre

Something is beginning to happen at the visitor centre.

Toilet Block

Our toilets have now been refurbished and are open again, but the male and female toilets have been replaced with 5 individual single sex cubicles. They are all enclosed with toilets, soap, wash basin and hand drier. What is more they open can close automatically – from 6am until 6pm they can be accessed. If you did find yourself locked in there is a large green button to press to let you out.

Volunteer Days

We have been running these days for over 10 years and always welcome new people. If you are interested in helping out for a few hours every couple of Tuesdays then drop me an email. Chris Sutcliffe

We have continued our practical sessions and have recently finished off fencing work, we have more boundary work coming up and also drainage, footpath repairs and revetment, not to mention a summer of cutting back to keep the paths open.

tree planting

Thousands of trees being planted above the golf course and up towards the Withens.

This photo of the golf club, believed to be from the Courier, was found by John Wharton, who used to live in Ogden.

Ogden Golf Club Photo

Visitor Centre

The visitor centre will be back open soon, there are a few final hurdles to get over and once down we hope to be back open for tea, coffee and ice cream.

Our Visitor Centre, although small, is a welcome sight to many who visit Ogden, whether for a coffee on a cold wet day or an ice cream to finish a walk in the height of summer. It is staffed solely by volunteers who try their hardest to open every day of the week. We could not operate the centre without these volunteers and would like to thank them for their efforts, perhaps next time you are passing you might like to pop in and say thanks too!

Also see the latest: Whats On

Also see notices on site.


The Permanent Orienteering Course maps are available at the Visitor Centre. £1.50 each. They are proving very popular, particularly with school groups.

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Page updated July 20, 2022  


Do you have any anecdotes, pictures, or short stories of trips to Ogden in the past, ie. donkeys years ago! If you have, please get in touch with Ranger Chris.


If you are planning to bring a party of people on a visit to Ogden Water, you could contact the Ranger to make sure the facilities will be available when you come.