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Ogden Water Local Nature Reserve HX2 8YA
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About Ogden Water Local Nature Reserve

Set high in the Pennine hills lies Ogden Water Local Nature Reserve. The estate, including the reservoir is owned by Yorkshire Water. However the surrounding woodlands are managed on their behalf by Calderdale Countryside & Woodlands Team.

The reservoir is over 160 years old, originally designed to power mills in the Wheatley Valley, but due to the increase in population in Halifax and the need for clean drinking water the plans changed. It is still supplying Calderdale and beyond with drinking water to this day.

Access is not allowed to the waterside of the reservoir, however there is a number of footpaths (some wheelchair accessible) through the surrounding woodlands. The estate offers the chance for quiet, informal recreation through walks, a chance to see wildlife and to listen to the sounds of water, wind, woodlands and moorlands.

The total area of the estate is only some 60 hectares, however exploration of the moors and fells beyond is both easy and encouraged.
Ogden attracts some 300.000 plus visitors each year, many of who come to enjoy the beautiful scenery, take the air, and perhaps explore the woodland trails or the three permanent orienteering courses.

Ogden has a small car park, picnic areas, a classroom for visiting schools and groups, a small visitor centre which is re-opening soon, and of course public toilets.


Page updated June 21, 2023