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Ogden Water events 2020

               Page updated October 6, 2021  

Ogden Water Practical Days

Meet Chris Sutcliffe at Ogden Water to help with ongoing management and new projects designed to look after the wildlife and infrastructure of the nature reserve. Sessions run 9.45am until 2.30pm. Please contact 0776 995 4956 for more details and to book a place. No dogs.


Practical Work dates
Ogden Water always requires work doing - be it small or large from litter clearance, opening up the footpaths to remove vegetation, weaving Christmas trees, planting trees, woodland management, pond work and preventing flooding. We have a great band of volunteers who come along and help out - how would you like to help.

Please contact Chris Sutcliffe 0776 995 4956 for more details and to book a place. No dogs.

All Practical days start at 9.30am with tea/coffee in the classroom (opposite the visitor centre) then we split up to take on jobs. Please dress for the weather and the task in hand - not your best walking clothes. Wellingtons are always handy to bring and can be left in the classroom if required. All tools and training provided.

Please bring enough food and drink to sustain you through the session (we can work up until 3pm). Sometimes we are back to the classroom for lunch and other times we are out on site so come prepared or phone ahead to find out.

Ogden is back open, but no Visitor Centre or Toilets.