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Old News!

October 2013

The current works to add thickness to the base of the reservoir wall, is nearing the end!

Reservoir banking

Reservoir Works Reservoir Works

Read the Halifax Courier article about the re-siting of the reservoir plaque

In its original position In its new position by the visitor centre
Photo of newly place plaque

February 2013. Yorkshire Water have started on the embankment work.

sign photo

Halifax Courier:
Published on Saturday 2 February 2013 09:09
Vital work is about to begin to strengthen a 155-year-old underground tunnel at Ogden Reservoir.
Beginning this month, engineering experts will strengthen the 140-metre long tunnel, which runs underneath the embankment and was built in 1858.
Yorkshire Water bosses say work is needed to keep the tunnel strong and protect the pipe inside, which transports water to keep levels healthy at the downstream beck, which in turn feeds the nearby river.
Engineers will also strengthen the reservoir embankment with 3,500 tonnes of earth.
A local ecologist will help advise on the removal of about 12 trees to allow for the work, and will also install bat and bird boxes. The footpath around the reservoir will be unaffected by the work, but some other footpaths will be temporarily closed in the surrounding area.

Pipe photo

Tim Dyke, project manager, said Yorkshire Water had written to local residents and signs would update visitors on the scheme’s progress. He said: “We take the safety of our reservoirs extremely seriously and this work is vital to ensure Ogden continues to effectively perform its primary role of topping up local water courses in times of need.
“We want to reassure visitors that their recreational fun should not in any way be impeded and we’ll work hard to complete the job as quickly as possible.”
Chris Sutcliffe, Calderdale Council’s area countryside officer, said: “This site is enormously popular with both human and wildlife visitors - only this year we had a yellow-browed warbler nip to us for a few days. I’m pleased to see Yorkshire Water improving the site and we hope their improvements will ensure people can continue to visit here for years to come.”
The work is part of a £60m investment by Yorkshire Water on reservoirs.


Zbig Szafranski was very clever to take this picture of a common lizard basking in the warm sunshine in the rocks at the top of Ogden this Saturday afternoon, 11th August!

Lizard Photo


Mini Beast Hotel Mini Beast Hotel Mini Beast Hotel

A Mini Beast Hotel!

Tony Walters has sent some photos taken in around 1990 when the reservoir was emptied to do repair work on the main outlet valve.

Outlet PhotoOutlet Photo

The AGM and an SGM of the Friends of Ogden Water was held on 22nd March 2012

It was resolved to dissolve the Friends and distribute the funds to the Watch Group and to a project to create a flagged picnic area at Ogden.


Gate photoGate PhotoGate Photo

1st March. Chris Sutcliffe our Ranger reports:

A car pulled the two sets of gates off in a bid to get from the Withens Old Road and out across Ogden dam. In the process 2 of the gates remained intact, 2 suffered light damage and 2 have been smashed in half. If you have any information about this vandalism, please let the police know via 101.

Thanks to the guys from E Feather Ltd and the Countryside Work Team we now have some gates back on.

Gates photoGates photo

Feathers have been up and fabricated some new swivel pins and managed to weld the 2 gates with light damage. This means that both ends of the dam have 2 gates on for the main vehicle access but there are no pedestrian gates.


Friends Meeting Photo
Crucial Friends meeting January 19th

'Friends' held a meeting on the 19th January to consider either winding up the Friends, carrying on, or putting in abeyance for a period of time.
All Friends were invited to attend this important meeting, and one did. The only feedback we had was the 'hope that Friends continued'.
Seven committee members were present and decided that it will be proposed that the Friends should be dissolved at the AGM, to be held on the 22nd March in the schoolroom at Ogden, 7pm. Only three of the committee indicated that they might possibly volunteer to serve on a new committee, but only one in some official capacity.
In the probable event that there is no concerted support from the floor to form a new committee at the AGM, it will proposed to formally dissolve the Friends according to the constitution.
We have had a good innings, enjoyed it immensely and done lots of great things for Ogden Water in the past few years.
It is the intention that in the event that Friends is dissolved, then the present funds will still be used for Ogden Water projects.
Maybe in a few years, the time might be right for a new team to have go…..
The Committee.

6th December, a few hardy souls did a 1½ hour walk up to the windmills, led by Moy Cash from Calderdale Countryside. Afterwards all had mulled wine and mince pies! Very enjoyable!

Ogden Bridge Photo

Ogden Bridge Photo

Ogden Path Photo

Click here to see much bigger photos!


dam photo

Twitter, 06/08/10
The strange apparatus on the Promenade over the past few weeks has been a drilling rig. The drill has been taking cores of the substrate right into the heart of the dam (upto a depth of 30metres). These cores will help determine the exact nature of the dam embankment and more importantly, after laboratory tests, its stability. Interestingly, at the eastern end they managed to happily drill down to 28metres, but on the western side, they could only drill to 15m before hitting what appeared to be bedrock. These works could be the harbinger of extensive and expensive modifications to the embankment at Ogden.
Robin D


Have a look at the 1965 Yorkshire Film Archive film, a 20 min film about Isaac Button, Soil Hill Pottery.



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