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High on the moors above Ogden Water is the Ovenden Moor Windfarm. Perhaps the single most visible symbol of mans impact on the local environment, as it can be observed for miles around.

The windfarm has been in operation since June 1993 when "Yorkshire Windpower Ltd", a joint venture between Yorkshire Water and Yorkshire Electricity, built the farm on water catchment land owned by Yorkshire Water.

The 9.2 MW windfarm has 23 wind turbines, producing enough electricity for about 7,500 homes. The power is fed directly into the national grid.                

The wind turbines themselves were manufactured in Denmark by "Vestas", a world leader in wind turbine technology, though the turbine towers were manufactured locally in Leeds.

The towers are a rigid tubular structure standing on a reinforced concrete foundation weighing about 250 tonnes.

The wind turbine generators are housed within the boxlike structure, called a nacelle, at the top of the 32 meter high towers. The nacelle also contains a gearbox which maintains the output of the generators at a constant rate. Each of the wind turbines has three 17 metre long fibreglass reinforced polyester blades rotating at 35 revolutions per minute. The turbines begin generating power when the wind reaches 11mph, with maximum output achieved at 29mph. At 56 mph the turbines shut down for safety reasons.

The wind turbines are arranged in two lines to make the best of the prevailing south-westerly winds. Each turbine is fully computerised to allow it to find the best output independently of its neighbour, although a further two anemometry masts provide further information on wind speeds generally across the site.

For environmental reasons the power from the windfarm is taken underground to a substation at Denholme via a 11KV cable.

All about Ogden 2005 - Courtesy of D. Wilson.

Update 2011:

The wind farm has been in operation since June 1993 and was completed with financial assistance from the European Union under its Thermie programme, which aimed to support the development of 'green' technologies.

The wind farm is owned by Yorkshire Windpower Limited, a 50/50 joint venture between E.ON UK Renewables and Energy Power Resources Limited (EPRL).

Situated 440m above sea level, the turbines are set out in two lines forming a 'V' shape, to make best use of the prevailing south westerly wind.

Ovenden Moor Wind Farm generates enough electricity to meet the average domestic needs of over 5000 households, displacing 10396 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually. On top of that, it also saves 91 tonnes of sulphur dioxide and 30 tonnes of oxides of nitrogen emissions annually.

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