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Saturday 2nd December 2006

Report by Jan Buckley, Watch Leader

The last group meeting of the year! Everyone gathered in the classroom and we went outside into Boggart Wood to collect some of natureÕs materials for making a festive decoration.

We gathered leaves, twigs, bark, pine cones and sprigs of greenery from pine and fir trees.

Then it was back to the classroom to make our decorations.

We started with a small log slice as a base and glued a floristÕs oasis onto it before pressing in our collection of natural materials. We added garlands of ribbons and sprinkled glitter over and attached tinsel and beads as finishing touches.

We had a lovely array of individual creations. There were some real masterpieces!

Then it was back outside to check if there was a hedgehog (or any other animal) using our hedgehog house which had been built the previous year. Disappointingly, there were no signs of use.

Next we went to check out the trees which everyone helped to plant in February and though there were no leaves showing at this time of year, when we looked inside the tree guards they looked promising with signs of budding ready for next Spring.

Everyone returned to the classroom for a small festive celebration of party nibbles and juice before settling down to watch a slideshow of the 2006 year of the Ogden Watch Group compiled by Chris and Jan Buckley. There was a bit of a technical problem with the projector but eventually we could all see ourselves taking part in the various monthly activities throughout the year. It was a good way of remembering all the fun and learning we had.

At the end of the show it was time for home not forgetting our festive decorations with everyone looking forward to next yearÕs Watch meetings.

Happy Christmas!