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Swallow Migration

2nd Sept 2006

Report by Jan Buckley, Watch Leader

Today was migration day for our Swallows.

After an initial introduction about the swallow migration learning game, we set off with our Swallows, in flying formation along the pre-set migration route. We had hazards along the way such as getting lost at sea, sandstorms, fires, being hunted and shot, falling prey to predators.

At each hazard we lost some Swallows to the 'death bag' and after negotiating the migration route we flew back to the classroom to count up how many swallows survived the ordeal.

After refreshments, we created a Swallow mobile to hang in the classroom. Everyone joined in. We used templates to draw a swallow, we coloured them in, cut them out and glued some back to back before hanging them from our mobile.

Despite the dismal and wet day the group had a great time flying the migration trail and learned about the Swallows migration. Then everyone fed the ducks before going home!



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