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Ogden – Around Thornton Moor Reservoir (Circular)

Distance: 5.25 miles
Time: Approx 2 hours
Start: At either the Ogden Water car park (or on street around Causeway Foot)

Head up the A629 from Causeway Foot towards Denholme for approx 1 mile, passing Denholme
Velvets, until you reach a side street on the left, Black Edge Lane (which is also part of the Bronte
Way but isn’t signposted at this end). This is the least attractive part of the route but worth it.

Ascend Black Edge Lane, which opens up to fine views over moorland. This lane is heavily rutted in
places and can hold large pools of water after heavy rain.

ogden view

Continue on the lane, which becomes Thornton Moor Road. Eventually Stubden Reservoir will come
into view on the right, with Denholme village beyond, further on passing (at 2 miles) an entrance
to the Thornton Moor reservoir grounds on the left, the reservoir edge now clearly seen above you.

Ogden View

Soon the estate buildings come into view just after an outflow on the left. Two pools and an air shaft
can be seen on the right.

Continue passed the buildings, on to a tarmac road through two sets of gates. You are now above
Oxenhope and can look down on Leeming Reservoir with a signpost showing the Bronte Way route
both ways. Follow the path around to the left passing the far end of the Thornton Moor Reservoir until
you reach a wooden gate, the entrance to Thornton Moor, with Nab Hill in the distance.

Continue onto the path following it round to the left to meet a split in the route at 3 miles. Right takes
you downhill on a lane below Nab Hill but we want the left hand route through the metal gate onto a
walled greenway, Hambleton Lane (although not signposted as such).

Ogden View

Go up the ‘lane’ sometimes over exposed stone until you reach the top of the first ascent. Look back
down towards Oxenhope to the right and Thornton Moor Reservoir on the left.

Ogen View

Once onto the moor top follow the well defined route, heading due south. The Emley Moor TV mast
can be seen on the horizon. Keep this directly in front of you for the walk across the moor. Eventually
the Ovenden Moor windfarm is seen across the clough on the right.

Ovenden Moor Windfarm

The route is straightforward, passing a small a couple of cairns in the centre of your route, and a
couple of examples of minor quarrying on the left. Soon you reach Ogden Clough, a meeting of
various routes (at 4 miles) with a seat provided on top of the rocks. Right here would take you down
to a bridge across Ogden Kirk and heading towards The Withens. Left would take you up to Foreside Lane
eventually emerging at Denholme Velvets. We want to continue straight on.

Ogden Kirk

Eventually the path drops down to a metal gate, go through it. You have options here, either continue
down the walled ‘lane’ (Back Lane, a route of an old Roman pathway) which takes you back down to
Causeway Foot or climb up to the right to continue your walk back on moorland then down across a
grassy trail leading back to Ogden Water car park, passing examples of dry stone walling when almost

Page updated March 12, 2009
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