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Meeting.   December 1st 2011.


Apologies. Mandie, Joyce.


Management Report. Mary Seaton has said the carpark has to be closed at 4pm in December and January. There will be no parking charges made at Ogden Water in foreseeable future. The 50p "payment" box, in front of the shop, will be repaired. From May 2013, Countryside services will not be included in council budget, other options are being discussed.


Financial/Funding.   £43.00 donation from "owls night and starry night". Jan gave breakdown of finances. Cash in bank on 01/12/2011, £4525.89.
Practical Days.   Future to be discussed and decided in New Year. 2 new people came to mid-week monthly meeting with Chris Sutcliffe, this made 6 at November meeting, and it was a full days work. Most of Beech trees are now cleared from Ogden Clough.

Feed back on Events.  "Bees" very good session,  Boggarts also very good. Forth-coming Events    Santa, School-room open Friday for preparation, eg, trimmings up, refreshments sorted etc.

Any other business.  Chris Buckley resigned as from tonight and will not attend any more committee meetings, Jan will still be treasurer until next AGM.  Christine said she would also be stepping down at next AGM. We talked about the "Friends of" future. Anthony said he would try to compose a possible email to go out to Friends explaining the current position.


Meeting 8th September 2011.
Attended, Sarah Storer, John Thompson, Jan Buckley, Chris Buckley, Mandie Farren, Anthony Greenwood, Chris Sutcliffe, Gavin Davidson

Christine Crowther, Edward Ashman

- Selling FoO items in shop has been stopped until further notice. To be discussed at a later date
Action - Chris to speak to Margaret

Feedback from Events
Great event and fantastic effort in such as short space of time. Now we have moulds we have until next year to make more moulds for the kids to paint/workshops or even sell. Create proper Boggart booklet. Removal of all Boggarts where possible.
Broke even on costs this year.

Jays Animal Encounter
Robin Dalton had booked and mentioned it briefly in a meeting last year. It was in the wildlife booklet but FoO had nothing to do with it and had no recognition on posters/booklets etc. It ran at a loss down £50. Sarah handed money to Jan at August meeting. Jan has been sent invoice (addressed to Calderdale Council). After much discussion it was decided that FoO would pay on this occasion as Chris and Robin where doing events later in the year and donations from the events would be donated to FoO.
Action - Jan to pay invoice
Action - Letter to be sent to Calderdale Council about situation
Action - Chris to check deadline of next Wildside magazine

Falconry Day
Ran at a loss this year due to weather (£500 cost and £161 collected). Suggestion that we give it a rest next year and avoid bank holiday weekend.

Practical Days
Low turnout due to various events
Next event 10th September - mini beast hotel. Other planned activities - Cleaning of site, Woodland Mgmt, Mosace removal, toilet repainting, weeding

Action - Remind email for Sat with list of other dates and activities planned. Reminder needs to be sent at least 2 weeks before.

Management Report

Mary having meeting with Yorkshire water on 28th September. Consultation about car park with Highways has been done and to be given to YWS
Work programme required.
Action - Invite Mary to next FoO meeting to discuss.


Bees - Open event.
Possible date 9th November.
Light refreshments?

Action - John to check availability.
Action - Advertise - poster/web/etc

Badgers - FoO social event.
Possible date Wednesday 12th October.
Pea and pie supper? Ask Christine about Catering contact (Pennine Prospects?).
Light refreshments?

Action - Check avalibility with Ted
Action - emails/letters sent to members

Halloween Addams Family theme.
TAP Fireworks (subject to staff).
Monday 31st October at 7pm. All CC staff on duty.
Street wardens on parking duty.
No hut on promenade - no selling of refreshments in hut.
Shop open for sales only.
Dave is being Wizard.
Overgate Hospice/First Aid/Tap are charities.
£1.50 per person/concessions
FoO requested to help with marshalling/set up/clean up etc

Action - Ted to speak contact about parking on field.

Father Christmas
Saturday 10th and 11th December 2011.
Refreshments? Check with Christine.
Willow weaving.
3 volunteers from CC as santa.
Wrapping paper required.
Julie buying presents this year.
Wrapping sessions to be held at Ogden.
All CC staff on duty.
FoO requested to help with marshalling/set up/clean up etc.

Action - Chris to sort posters/advertising and send out.

Fly by Night event
October 20th at 7.30pm - Chris/Robin - Donations to FoO.

Starry Starry Night
17th November - Chris/Robin - Donations to FoO.

Chris has a number of practicals scheduled in - see website for dates.

Other Items

Mandie to produce a newsletter as soon as possible.

Christmas Trees
Ogden will be collecting christmas trees again this year and to be scheduled into practical days to distribute around the site.

Date of Next Meeting
Thursday 6th October at 7pm.



Friends of Ogden Water, Minutes from 30th June, 2011 at 7pm in classroom

Attended by, Ted A, Chris S, Chris B, Jan B, Sarah S, John T, Gavin D, Anthony G, Christine C,

Apologies, Mandie F, Joyce D,

Membership. Christine reported, Lorraine Barber had tendered her resignation as Membership Secretary, committee agreed that all members should be emailed for offers for this post to be filled. Meanwhile, for new members or renewing members, Jan B would still bank the fees received, Chris B would keep the file in order and Christine C would send out membership cards.

Funding, Sarah said nothing is happening until Council or Yorkshire Water decide what is happening on the site.

Practical Days Next day to be 9t July which will be a “BioBlitz” day. John suggested we ask friends as guests to help us as “taster” day to see if they would then join us as members.

Events Falconry Day, Chris B, is still trying to get hold of chappie to arrange times and places, it is a certainty, but there is nothing in writing at the moment. (This will be the main discussion at the next meeting)

Boggarts, numbers made up to 30th June, 27small, 10 other small, 5 big heads, 8 standing. Big ones to be put on stones or into wall with cement, small ones to be put at junctions of paths, possibly as a cluster, sites will be decided when survey is done. A painting and staining session has been arranged for 6pm on July 4th in the school-room and then the 13th and 14th July to be put round the site. Christine C spoke on the local Bradford radio to get some publicity and is also speaking on the local Calderdale radio. Posters have already been put in shops and other prominent places. All we need now is the public.

Social John is to see a man who does talks on “bee keeping” and will try arrange a time for him to come one evening in Autumn, Ted offered to give a talk about badgers and this will also be arranged, hopefully at the next meeting.

Any other business Blue tape to be put round handles of tool belonging to Friends of so they can be easily identified.

Date of next meeting 4th August 7pm



Friends of Ogden Water

Minutes from Thursday 9th June 2011 at 7.00 pm in classroom


Sarah Storer (SS)
Anthony Greenwood (AG)
Christine Crowther (CC)
Chris Buckey (JB)
John Thompson (JT)
Mandie Farren  (MF)
Gavin Davidson (GD)
Joyce Davidson JD)

Joined later by:-
Chris Sutcliffe (CS)
Ted Ashman (TA)




  1. Meeting Opens - Apologies



2. Membership Issues

A discussion took place about FoO committee must be a FoO member.  Sarah was happy to pay membership and continue role as Chair
Action : To ensure it is mentioned on the agenda at the AGM




3. Minutes of last meeting

Minutes approved from last meeting.


4. Funding

Chris had circulated the plan and was open to questions.
Further discussion around other plans including:-

  • Fire breaks
  • More forward with some areas of plan
  • Felling course for extra revenue

Discussion about current grants – nothing available.  Chris suggested further research was made on internet for National Lottery/Pathway Awards/Permissive paths with Yorkshire water/Environment Funds/Grants on-line etc

Jan to put together a list of grants already received to aid future award applications









  1. Practical Days

Event on 11th June will be to remove tree guards/shelters

John to do a quick report and attach photos to be put out on website as soon as possible




  1. Advertising

New FoO notice board
Quote from John at Cellar project for a notice board to be made was £76.  Go ahead was given for the board to me made.  May increase  a little to allow for longer legs and delivery cost

Christine to contact Hx Courier/Thornton directory/radio to get events advertised and also hand out posters.

John to set up a twitter account for FoO

August practical day will be a promotional event – to be discussed nearer the time

Other suggestions

  • Taster day – a practical day open to non members
  • Gala day 2012









  1. Events

Bio Blitz events

  • 2nd July 2011 – Watch group
  • 9th July 2011 - FoO
  • Chris Sutcliffe to circulate details to Anthony and Chris and then out by normal communication routes





  1. Events

Falconry Day

  • Sunday 28th August
  • Refreshments
  • Poster/Advertising – done/ Mandie to print/email copies
  • £1 per person/no dogs

Chris to try contact Phil at find out if requires marquee and when he is planning to arrive

Marquee for craft market needs setting up at 8.30am – volunteers need

Tape area to guide people towards paying area






TA + All?


  1. Events

Boggart Festival - Event to go ahead

  • Mandie to source 3 more gargoyle moulds and send to Sarah
  • Sarah to source plaster
  • Sarah and Jan/Chris to make moulds between them – NOTE Remember hole/and or string so they can be fixed up
  • Christine/Sarah to arrange session to paint
  • Leaflet done/Mandie to print/email copies
  • Pram leaflet required/ Mandie to print/email copies
  • Poster done/ Mandie to print/email copies
  • Prize for guess number of boggarts
  • Paint and brushes for workshop
  • Launch date – 16th July







  1.  Bird Food

Bird Food
Bird food and booklet donations are now being marked separately


  1. Social

Ideas required for FoO talks/events/social activities – To be discussed at next meeting
- Badgers - Ted


  1.  Equipment

John to arrange a stock inventory at the next practical day and tape equipment to make identification easier

Ted/Chris to bring tool box and any FoO equipment back from other sitres





  1. Date of next meeting

Thursday 30th June at 7pm for 7.15pm in classroom





Friends of Ogden Water

Minutes from Thursday 19th May 2011 at 7.00 pm in classroom


Ted Ashman
Sarah Storer
Anthony Greenwood
Christine Crowther
Chris Buckey
John Thompson
Lorraine Barber
Adrian Barber
Mandie Farren
Chris Sutcliffe




  1. Meeting Opens - Apologies

Gavin Davidson
Jan Buckley


  1. Constitution


The FoO constitution was reviewed and no changes required.  Copy to be left in the office.


  1. Funding

5 year management plan for Ogden Water created.    A plan of the work has been created
- Felling
- Wetland
- Heathland
Draft to be circulate and feedback by next meeting
Needs 4 people to sign document


  1. Practical Days

2nd Saturday of the month was agreed.
This will run with Chris’s practical days as already scheduled.
Chris has created a new folder which includes

  • sign in forms
  • reporting forms
  • Risk assessments
  • Tasks
  • Reports and feedback
  • Tool sign in and out forms

Reminders to be sent out and requests to confirm attendance

Event on 11th June will be to remove shelters







  1. Advertising

New FoO notice board
There was discussion in the near future to have a dedicated FoO noticeboard/s on site to display posters.  Further investigation and pricing of item.    Type – still to be investigated as very expensive from initial investigation.  Including Chris to speak to Paul Keenan.  Further communication via email.
Location – Outside classroom

A flyer about forthcoming practical days and recruiting members has been produced and Lorraine’s home address has been changed.

A newsletter to be created











  1. Hedgerow

Discussed and would be very expensive and time consuming – Idea discontinued


  1. Events

Bio Blitz event

  • 2nd July 2011
  • Open to FoO and watch group
  • Chris Sutcliffe to investigate and circulate details





  1. Events

Falconry Day

  • Sunday 28th August
  • Refreshments
  • Poster/Advertising
  • £1 per person/no dogs

Clashes with Market/Craft Fayre – Ted to speak to crafters about being outside in marque







Boggart Festival - Event to go ahead

  • Need to source moulds and plaster
  • Practical day to set up
  • Event to decorate boggarts (watch group?)
  • History of Boggarts booklet or map but need re-writing due to copy write?
  • Shop opening time to sell booklet?
  • Website leaflet if shop closed?
  • Paint and brushes for workshop





Bird Food
It appears the bird food donations hasn’t been marked correctly – Jan/Chris to speak to shop


Jan / C Sutcliffe

  1. Social

Ideas required for FoO talks/events/social activities – To be discussed at next meeting


  1. Lease

Update required about the Ogden Water lease – Jan to speak to Deborah/Mary


  1. Date of next meeting

Thursday 16th June at 7pm for 7.15pm in classroom



Friends of Ogden Water

Minutes from Thursday 14th April 2011 at 7.30 pm in classroom


Sarah Storer
Anthony Greenwood
Christine Crowther
Chris Buckey
John Thompson
Lorraine Barber
Adrian Barber
Mandie Farren
Chris Sutcliffe
Edward Ashman




  1. Meeting Opens - Apologies

Gavin Davidson
Jan Buckley


  1. Constitution


The FoO constitution needs to be reviewed (quorums etc).  If everyone can try find a copy and distribute to all committee members and be reviewed at next meeting


  1. Funding

Edward and Chris have been working on a 5 year management plan for Ogden Water.  Once agreed they will be putting together a plan of the work program.  This should then lead onto funding onto funding once agreed.  To be discussed at next meeting.


  1. Practical Days

2nd Saturday of the month was agreed.
This will run with Chris’s practical days as already scheduled.


  1. Advertising

New FoO notice board
There was discussion in the near future to have a dedicated FoO noticeboard/s on site to display posters.  To be discussed further at next meeting.  Type and location suggestions required.

A flyer about forthcoming practical days and recruiting members to be produced to handed out on hanging basket day and displayed in shop

Anthony continues to update website.  Please forward information to him.







  1. Hedgerow

It was suggested that an alternative hedgerow could be created around reservoir watercourse to replace Christmas trees.  Sarah was asked to price up options and present to committee.


  1. Events

Planters/Hanging Baskets Day

  • Practical day on Saturday 30th April between 1-3pm
  • Refreshments. 
  • Mandie to purchase enough plants/compost for hanging baskets and planters (approx £40)
  • Opportunity to talk to visitors/join FoO group/Tidy up before Green Flag judging day

Bio Blitz event

  • 2nd July 2011
  • Open to FoO and watch group
  • Chris Sutcliffe to investigate and circulate details







  1. Events

Falconry Day

  • Possible dates – Sunday 28th August or Monday 29th August – Mandie to contact Phill at Falconry Displays
  • Refreshments
  • Poster/Advertising
  • £1 per person/no dogs




  1. Account

A third signatory is required on FoO account – Christine was nominated and accepted role


  1. Date of next meeting

Thursday 19th  May at 7pm in classroom



Minutes from Friends Meeting 10/02/2011.

Present: Christine, Robin, Craig, Anthony, Gavin, Joyce, Mandy, Chris, Jan, Bill, Mary, Sarah, Ted, John.
Apologies: Ross, Sue, Lorraine, Adrian, Chris S.

1) New Committee.
Chair:- Craig will be standing down. Sarah, Mandy and Christine (joint) have declared an interest in the position. Craig happy to stay on committee without a designated role.

Membership Secretary:- To confirm whether Lorraine is still happy to continue. Robin to e-mail. Memberships will be issued on the 1st April every year for simplicity.

Secretary:- Robin to stand down. Mandy is happy to undertake this role (newsletter, minutes, comms etc), if not in the position of chair.

Treasurer:- Ross has said he would like to stand down as treasurer. Jan has registered an interest if no others come forward.

Practical co-ordinator:- Gavin to stand down. Chris B. has put himself forward.

Web-Master:- Anthony G happy to remain (unless anyone else happy to take over)

To sit on committee without role: Bill, Gavin, Craig.

2) Date for AGM
This has been set for Thursday 31st March at 7 for a 7:30pm start.
Christine to organise caterers and quiz. Jan will produce a slide display of Ogden photos to go on DVD player.
Robin to produce flyer for AGM. Anthony/Lorraine to circulate.

3) Ogden staffing update
Budget uncertainty remains until the end of February, when it will be finalised by cabinet.
Looking at two proposals for volunteer cover of Ogden:
i) Cover for weekends and bank holidays, plus school holidays.
ii) Full cover from Easter through to end of the summer holidays.
Mary working up costings for above scenarios. Awaiting finalised budgets to make decision.
Vacant post for North and East is now lost in cuts.
Ted and Chris leading on Ogden issues.

4) Ogden car parks update.
Charging inevitable, sooner rather than later. Will be fighting to keep some of the income within Countryside.
Fees will be collected by Calderdale Council.
Lock-up of car parks will be by security company, NOT staff or volunteers, throughout the year.

5) Toilets.
Opening/closing of toilets when the site is not covered. Looking at security company or local person to carry out this role when necessary.

Please address any queries or ideas regarding Ogden to Mary (01422) 393222

6) Yorkshire Water lease.
Re-negotiation of lease in pipe-line to get a better deal.

7) Dogs at Ogden Water.
Dogs are a continuing nuisance at Ogden, as ever. Main issues are dog mess and dogs off lead around reservoir. Posters are going up to inform owners of proper conduct. Dogs to be kept on lead all the way around the reservoir path.

There will be an action day at Ogden in the near future and trained staff will be issuing Fixed Penalty Notice to those owners who don’t clean up. Question was asked about the possibility of volunteers receiving FPN training. Mary to follow up.

8) White bread.
Concerns raised by member of the public over the health issues surrounding feeding ducks white bread. Chris S. will do a poster raising awareness of this issue.

9) Finances.
The closing balance of the Friends account on 31st December was £4861.97.
Christine owed £15 for refreshments and also to pay for caterers for AGM (£250). No other commitments.

10) Work parties.
Chris S. starting a community Tuesday work party once/month from 15th February - all interested people welcome.

11) Ogden events.
Halloween and Xmas events will be happening as usual. Robin asked if the Friends will fund ‘J’s Pets’ as a Friends event over the summer. Date TBC. Cost £250. Motion passed.

Minutes from Friends meeting 06/05/2010

Present:- Gavin, Craig, Robin, Bill, Jan, Chris.

1) Ogden Staffing Update.
Mick Chatham, Area Officer for the Upper Valley is retiring on the 31st May, and Dave will be taking over his position.
This means he will be around less and less as the transition occurs. Robin will (eventually?) be moving to cover the Lower Valley and Ryburn regions at some point, although his transition times are rather foggy and will probably be around at Ogden somewhat longer.

Discussions will be starting in a weeks time regarding routine maintenance of the estate, to cover issues of litter and mowing.

With Dave leaving Ogden, it is hoped that the vacant post here will be advertised and the new person will be covering Halifax North area, and not just Ogden. However in these times of cut backs, who knows whether the post will even be replaced?? In the meantime, the use of Senior Rangers/volunteers to cover the estate will be adopted.

2) A.G.M
As most of the folk have been on the committee a while, and made a superb contribution to the Friends over the years, many of the committee now feel its time to leave. Life moves on. If we were to hold an AGM at this stage, it is likely that few would wish to stand again, and it is unlikely enough (any?) new folk would come forward to step into any vacancies. So it was decided to put the Friends of AGM and committee meetings on hold until further notice. This is likely to be when the staffing issue at Ogden has been resolved. A new person in post could bring fresh energy and ideas to the estate and community group and move things forward.

Craig will write a few lines for the website to keep all informed, and it will be sent around in the latest newsletter.

3) Finance
£3480 from West Yorkshire Police has been paid into the account to replace stolen items. Adrian has kindly purchased new telescope, tripod and binoculars.
Robin has said he is happy to purchase other stolen tools (drill, cans, hand tools), but requests if cash can be used from the Friends account, as he doesn’t want to load it directly onto his debt! Ross – is it possible to get £500 cash from the Friends account to support buying the tools? This has been agreed by committee - if possible. Any monies spent would obviously be matched by invoices.

Current balance is i.r.o. £5900

4) Margarets booklet.
Jan to approach Bradford University re: costs for printing a small run. Please send comments re: booklet back here. Roz has kindly spell checked and corrected it.

Minutes from Friends Meeting 11/03/2010

Present: Emma, Christine, Ross, Sue, Adrian, Lorraine, Robin, Craig, Anthony, Gavin, Mandy, Meg.
Apologies: Bill, Chris, Jan and Chris, Donna.

1) BBC Breathing Places.
The Big Lottery Fund have closed our Phase 4 grant file after receiving the End of Grant report from us. The assistant grants officer was very pleased with the supporting material sent, and photos of the falconry event/mini-beast day/hedge planting.

2) West Yorkshire Police Solicitors
The West Yorkshire Police solicitors have agreed to compensate for the stolen items inadvertently given back to the burglars. They have asked for a single bank account for the money to be paid into, so have been issued the Friends account. This is partly because a few of the items stolen were originally purchased through Friends money/or allocated to Friends ownership through generous donation, and the money will be easier targeted through the Friends account. The sum is for £3480.

Adrian has kindly agreed to start the process of sourcing replacement items, and will buy a telescope/tripod and binoculars. £580 was accepted as compensation for these items.

3) Finances.
The closing balance of the Friends account on 31st December 2009 was £2633.57.
There is additional income to be paid in from Raffle (i.r.o £150) and Christine (i.r.o £300) plus sundries (i.r.o £50).

4) Countryside Services Re-structure.
Dave and Robins job roles will be changing as of 1st April, and will becoming ‘Area Countryside Officers’. Robin will be based East and South Calderdale. Dave will also be adopting an area of Calderdale (to be confirmed). This will have implications for staff coverage at Ogden Water. However, everyone recognises the need not to undo all of the hard work done over the years and let Ogden slip back to the way it was 12-15 years ago. A lot of issues still need clarification before a definitive comments can be made on how this re-structure will affect the management of Ogden. More on this at the next meeting.

5) Friends of Ogden.
The issue of the committee was raised, and the AGM. Robin/Craig raised question of direction of the Friends; this last year hasn’t seen a lot activity and the time people have to give to the cause is limited. Also, as in previous years there may be no new faces standing for the committee at the AGM, possibly resulting in the same group of people next year. This is not necessarily a problem, but we need to examine ways to stimulate new members to show an interest in participating in the committee.

A date for the AGM will be set at the next meeting (May 6th).

6) Newsletter.
A newsletter is urgently required, as one hasn’t been produced since last July. Jan has requested information to put in the newsletter. Craig, Anthony, Robin, Christine and Gavin will forward news snippets to Jan and Chris for them as a basis to work up a newsletter. Jan/Chris, please let me know if you cannot produce a Spring edition in next 2-3 weeks.

7) Pat Howe.
A well liked and long standing and supportive Friend, Pat is currently undergoing tests for Temporal arterialosis (sorry if slightly incorrect diagnosis). She is very concerned at the moment, as a positive diagnosis can be a debilitating condition, which may result in loss of sight. Agreed that Christine to sort flowers/chocolates to send (after Mothers Day), so that she knows she is in our thoughts.

8) 2010 Events.
Robin proposed that Friends once again fund a Falconry day at Ogden Water. Committee agreed. Robin to book and date set for 8th August. Please place this date in your diary, as support for the event will be needed. Robin likely only available for early set-up of event. Cost £500, to be part off-set by donations. Shall we once again get outside first aid cover?

9) Margaret Staffords Book.
Margarets book on Ogden has been neglected and urgently requires looking at. It was at the meeting agreed that Robin will e-mail book to committee and have it printed in its current format. However, Dave has commented that the book was at draft and needs updating for it to be current, relevant and printable. Robin/Dave will get the ball rolling before e-mailing out before next meeting.

10) Work Party.
Gavin to organise next work party for 27th March. Works: habitat pile building, post and gate installation, stone carving spring clean, possible small scale tree planting. Christine to provide soup, roll and cake for lunch.

Robin to cost gate materials and liaise with Gavin.


Friends of Ogden Water Committee Meeting  22nd October 2009
Present:            Anthony, Craig, Chris, Christine, Robin, Gavin, Ross, Sue, Chris S, Bill, Emma, Mandie.
Apologies:             Lorraine, Adrian, Jan.

  1. Halloween. The event is fast approaching, and help as usual is required. Members of the committee able to attend for the night are: Mandie; Craig; Chris B.; Chris S.; Robin; Gavin; Anthony; Christine; Donna.To arrive at Ogden for 16:45.
    Christine to provide a chilli-con-carne dish with freshly baked crusty bread., with copious amounts of ginger cake.
  1. Talks Programme Twenty-five attended an interesting photographic journey by Chris Helme illustrating the life of the Sunny Vale pleasure garden, Hipperholme. Next talk is by Anthony Greenwood, who has put together a ‘tour de force’ slide show of photos from the Ogden area – some never seen before. It would be good to get this talk (‘New photos of Old Ogden)’ in the Courier to raise awareness nearer the date, particularly to all of our Ogden neighbours (Christine/Mandie?). 26th November at 7 for 7.15 start.
  1. Friends of Work Party. Gavin is to run a work party for this Saturday (24th October). Works will be to create habitat piles in the new wildlife area by tidying up beech branches on ground. Robin to write up a specification.
  1. Finances. Currently, the finances stand at around £2826, plus £50 donation from North Halifax Grammar. Robin to send a thank you letter to NHGS.
  1. Breathing Places grant. The final element of the Breathing Places grant (hedge planting) has been completed by Craig and his BTCV students (ie community involvement). This has included the purchase of 600 shrubs and shelters. Claim form needs to be returned by the end of January (Chris, Craig, Robin).
  1. Xmas. Raffle to be put together (Christine/Mandie?), value to £40. Christmas wrapping on Thursday November 19th for Xmas event. Help welcomed.
  1. Any material for newsletter to Chris B. please.

Large photos of Ogden Water will be on display in new Morrisons store, Illingworth. Store opening on 9th November. Photos provided by Simon Coning and Terry Campbell.

Next meeting date:- Thursday 10th December at 7 for 7:15pm

Friends of Ogden Water Committee Meeting  20th August 2009
Present:            Anthony, Craig, Chris, Christine, Robin, Gavin, Ross, Sue, Lorraine, Adrian.

  1. BBC Breathing Places Falconry event on 2nd August.

A very successful event, with nearly 600 people attending through the day; the two flying displays were very entertaining. A total of £320 was returned through donations, and Christine raised an outstanding £150 through the serving refreshments. This provides enough money to repeat the event next year, if decided to do so. Falconer cost was £500.

  1. Bird Feeding area.

Work to start on the memorial wildlife area in November. The work party will focus on clearing the nettles, and constructing mini-beast boxes, bird boxes and a mini-beast hotel. Immediately, Dave is looking at nettle control.

  1. Finances.

Currently, the finances stand at around £2700, plus extra income from events.
The purchase of 400 trees, stakes and guards will be required to complete the delivery of the breathing places grant.
It was agreed to continue paying £35 to the BTCV for membership, allowing access to subsidised courses etc.

  1. Talks

Two talks have been arranged by Bill:
Wednesday 9th September. 'Acid Faced Virgins', a talk by John Lucket about his personal light-hearted experiences working at Leeds City Library. Talk at Ogden Water Classroom, 7.15pm start. For further information telephone (01422) 249136.

Wednesday 7th October. 'Sunny Bunces'. A talk by Chris Helm about 'Sunny Vale', the former pleasure garden at Hipperholme, Halifax. Talk includes over 100 slides, both old and new. Come along and reminisce, and bring any of your own photos. Talk at Ogden Water Classroom, 7.15pm start. For further information telephone (01422) 249136.

Christine to contact Bill re: cost of talkers.
Anthony has agreed to do a Slide show entitled ‘New photos of Old Ogden’, on 26th November.
Christine and Mandie will arrange publicity for the talks. Robin will knock together a poster.
Robin enquired as to the possibility of the Friends purchasing an outdoor shelter for activities, which is more portable and quicker to erect than the marquee. Committee very favourable to idea, but Chris said Friends of Calderdale have specific funds available to buy one, so will pursue.
Chris asked for help to cover a guided walk on Saturday 29th August – Ross and Sue have agreed to come along and help support.

Next meeting date:- Thursday 24th September at 7 for 7:15pm

Friends of Ogden Water Committee Meeting  18th June 2009
Present:            Anthony, Craig, Chris, Christine, Robin, Gavin, Ross, Sue,
Lorraine, Adrian, Donna, Mandie, Bill, Emma.
Apologies: Chris Sutcliffe.

  1. Feedback from A.G.M.

Pleasant evening had by all, although once again the poor weather also turned up to put people off. The Committee was voted in, with a few minor changes. A big welcome to the new committee members, Donna and Mandie.

  1. Mini-beast Day.

Members of the public joined in a series of activities, which were themed on minibeasts. Although it was moderately attended, all seemed to enjoy it. Big thanks to Julie, Chris and Edie for their support, without which it wouldn’t have worked so well.

  1. Falconry Day. 2nd August. Chris B, Donna, Ross and Sue and Christine have so far agreed to help. All other expressions of interest to help please contact Robin ASAP. Robin to produce posters by end of June.
  2. Hedge planting in September. To discuss next committee meeting.
  3. Tools. High quality set of tools have arrived from the BTCV, thanks to Mr Chair. To be marked up over next two weeks by Ogden staff.
  4. Talks.  Thanks to Bill for organising the following two talks:

‘Postcard from Sunny Vale’ by Chris Helm and
‘Acid Faced Virgins’ by John Luckett.

Unfortunately, the stated dates (16th Sept and 14th Oct) are not available due to a prior booking. Sorry. I’ll contact Bill to see if he can re-arrange for the week earlier or later.
Donna suggested a wildlife/caring for wildlife talk, perhaps at a weekend to tie in with bonfire night. Ideas by next meeting please.

Also suggested by Anthony was a ‘How to take photos type talk’ which could be expanded into a competition to produce a new Ogden postcard. Chris suggested Jan could ask Halifax Photographic Society for a talk.

  1. Practical Works.  Bird feeding station in memory of Ogden. Dave/Robin to produce a base proposal before next meeting.

Waymarking trail. Gavin to lead work party this weekend to complete task.

  1. Finances. Currently at £4270, although there are still costs to be met through Big Lottery Funded Events.
  2. Face book. Mandie has placed a face book group on internet and has e-mailed around to get folk to sign up. Apparently an excellent way of promoting Ogden events.

Next meeting date to be decided at Thursday 20th August at 7 for 7:15.


Friends of Ogden Water Committee Meeting  30th April 2009
Present: Anthony, Craig, Janice, Chris, Christine, Robin, Gavin, Ross, Sue, Lorraine, Adrian.

Publicity/materials are now necessary for the first event in June – mini beasts. Chris said he can secure some pallets. Craig has some bricks. Other materials to be collected between now and then(corrugated card boar, logs, bricks etc). Christine to help publicise and check out BBC Springwatch web campaign.

Chris and Jan would like to step away from being practical co-ordinators. Have nominated Gavin, but they are still happy to be on work parties. Ross and Sue happy to continue as treasurers. Jan/Chris interested in doing newsletter. Craig okay to stand for chair. Anthony on web, unless other interested party steps forward. Christine to approach Mandie for publicity.


Friends of Ogden Water Committee Meeting  19th March 2009
Present: Bill, Anthony, Craig, Janice, Chris, Christine, Robin, Gavin, Ross, Sue, Emma.
Apologies: Lorraine, Adrian, Chris S.

Notification as to a successful bid will be made on 24th April. However, we shall still be running the first two events regardless of this. All offers of help for the Minibeast day and Falconry day very welcomed and to be made to Robin.

Spades                                    4
Mattocks and handles          5
Loppers                                  6
Bow saws (21 inch)              4
Crow bar (mushroom head)           1
Gloves                                    40 pairs
And also
Litter pickers                        12

Next meeting Thursday 30th April at 7.15pm. Same place.


Friends of Ogden Water Committee Meeting  12th February 2009
Present: Robin, Chris, Craig, Gavin.

A discussion was held about pricing the new ‘Walks around Ogden leaflets’, or whether it would be more successful by donation only. This needs putting past Chris B and the rest of the committee at the next meeting.

The following thoughts were aired as to why perhaps making a donation, as opposed to a set charge, MAY be an option:

A.O.B. Chris brought to our attention two further grant streams
One called ‘Eco minds’ to encourage people to use practical conservation projects to help with mental problems/stess etc. However, the grant was only for up to £300, and for only 14 projects throughout the country, and required a practical session each week! So decided it was probably not worth the effort in pursuing.

The other is from B and Q on-line for tools, which needs checking out for further details.

Next meeting: Thursday 19th March, 7.15pm start.


Minutes for Friends Meeting Thursday 9th October 2008.

Present: Bill, Christine, Chris B, Chris S, Adrian, Lorraine, Gavin, Ross, Sue, Robin.
Apologies: Anthony, Craig.

  1. Margaret. Is convalescing at home after coming out of hospital. Her birthday is on 1st November, and it was thought by all that it would be nice to give her a near finished version of her History Booklet, with an insert signed by everyone wishing her happy birthday. Robin to source decent paper.
  2. Talks. Thanks to Chris for standing in and giving an excellent talk about the Millennium Way at such short notice. Sue has organised a raffle for the National Trust talk. Christine is on with the refreshments and ginger cake. Bill to arrange to collect speaker (John Spencer) for the Civil War talk in November. Gavin/Chris able to collect him.
  3. Walks around Ogden booklet. Now finished and will be off to the printers this week. It was agreed to order 3000 copies to maximise the economies of scale and bring price/unit down. Retail price to be agreed when the finished article arrives.
  4. Halloween. Volunteers asked for at Halloween. Chris B, Gavin and Joyce, Lorraine and Adrian, Christine and possibly Bill happy to help. Craig obviously happy to front the show again, as a lot of people have requested his re-appearance as Frankenstein.

This year Halloween will be supporting the Overgate Hospice and Total Awareness Promotions, and they will be supporting the event.

  1. Newsletter. Appeal for articles. Ross has written a short piece about Chris’s talk. Chris S. to produce newsletter soon. Robin to forward other bits and pieces to Chris.
  2. Practical sessions. The practical in September was well attended, with workers enjoying the lunch time pastie, pie and juice kindly provided by Christine. Chris/Jan to put together a work programme for inclusion in next newsletter. Probably the work party will now go out once every two months, from 10-3pm, with lunch provided, as it seemed like a successful format.
  3. Finances. Current balance is £3363, less the money to be spent on the leaflets (£579?)
  4. Tools. Requirements and prices. Robin to establish list for next meeting.
  5. AOB:   Christmas: Present wrapping day on Tuesday 2nd December, from 10am. Volunteers so far Jean Pickles, Christine, Amanda Farren, Margaret Greenwood, Joyce Davidson. Hannah has volunteered for effing duties in the grotto. Baby changing facilities. More information required. Chris suggested looking into adult changing facilities. Contact disability awareness. Posters. New Friends posters required. Membership forms into visitor centre. Robin to enact. Adders. After a summer survey, no adders seen, but North American Bull snake sighted on the golf course. Chris also came across several common lizards and a rare moth (caterpillar).

Next meeting:
Thursday 13th November 7.15pm.


Minutes of Committee meeting- 21st August 2008

Craig, Janice, Sue, Christine, Ross, Gavin.

Special Guest- Michael,        Apologies Chris and Robin

1. Drainage and footpath issues were discussed with concerns raised over access being affected by continual flooding. Footpath maintenance is an ongoing process which is costly and time consuming so the group decided to organise a practical day to tackle drainage on site. It was decided that this would naturally help protect the footpaths

Action- Janice to arrange a date for a push to improve drainage. More details to follow but likely to be Saturday September 20th.  This will be a call to arms for the group in a bid to galvanise interest in practical conservation works ( with hot food incentives provided ).

2. Practical days- On a related matter the recent decline in interest and attendance for practical days needs reinvigorating by specific designated tasks. It has also been inhibited by a gradual loss of tools.

Action- Dave and Robin to reinstate allocation of weekend tasks and £500 to be spent on new tools- Michael to compile a wish list.

3. Margaret Stafford’s book on Ogden Water- this will shortly be finalised. Dave is working on this publication along with a project on Boggarts (!) with a view to an October resolution.

4. Summer Get Together- Friday 29th August 7.00p.m

This was discussed and finalised with catering, quiz, posters resolved.

A strole to the pond at 7.00pm followed by a get together, buffet, raffle and quiz. Committee to source raffle prizes.

5. Breathing Places grant-   this has now been signed off with all funding safely spent (£9750) and the new pond with boardwalk and dipping platform nicely bedding in.

6. Walks leaflet- a small delay has presented itself (well worth the wait though!). The final draught needs rewriting as the woodland carvings currently reference the route. The eagle has been reclaimed from the bottom of the clough but is badly damaged whilst the green man has actually been stolen. Chris and Janice will change the current format to reflect their absence.

The group agreed to schedule 3000 copies when this goes to print

7. Baby changing facilities- this has been suggested as a possible Friends of project in terms of financing for the disabled toilets. The cost is around £300. The committee agreed to delay a decision until the next meeting.

Talks schedule confirmed

Tuesday 16th September- windfarms

Wednesday 15th October- National Trust properties ‘ I could live here ‘

Thursday 20th November – The English Civil War

Date of next meeting Thursday 9th October 7.15pm


Minutes for Friends Meeting Thursday 10th July 2008.

Present: Bill, Christine, Chris, Adrian, Lorraine, Gavin, Anthony, Robin, Craig, Ross, Sue.

1) Breathing Places Grant.
The pond has now been dug out, and is holding water naturally without the need for a liner. This has meant that the £2000 allocated to the liner has been re-allocated to the following expenses:
Excavator hire £350
Post and rail fencing £550
Microscopes £400
Pond dipping table/bench £500
Interpretation costs £200
The boardwalk will be constructed over the next couple of weeks.

2) Margarets History of Ogden Book
Bill has brought in the text on CD. Robin will pass onto Dave, who has agreed to edit and add further information from his vast knowledge of local history.
He will pick up the project on return from his holiday at the beginning of August.

3) Talks.
Bill has kindly organised two talks:
‘I could live here’ Wednesday 15th October
‘The Civil War’ on Thursday 20th November
Further details and publicity will be circulated nearer the time.

4) Car Park information board.
Discussed that the information board in the car park was falling into a poor state, and a replacement was needed. Locations suggested for a replacement were on the woodland path just beyond the gate entrance and by the bottom picnic area. Robin will discuss with Dave, and source a suppliers catalogue.

5) Summer Social.
Friday 29th August was chosen as the date for the summer social, from 7pm. A gentle stroll to the new pond (optional) will be followed by a buffet, get together and the usual quiz. The buffet will be supplied by Jans sister, who put an excellent spread on at the AGM. As well as a social, the event will be a celebration of completing the BBC grants works, and open to all members of the public. There will be a free buffet to members and their families, or £3 to non-members. £5 to include Friends membership.

6) Owl Event Wednesday 20th August.
Lorraine, Christine and Margaret will help out with the event by providing refreshments during the day. Christine will do some publicity.

7) BTCV membership
Agreed by all to renew the BTCV community network membership– only £35/year and includes an insurance cover element.

8) Website
Anthony has updated and tidied up the website with input from Jan and Chris.

9) Walks Around Ogden leaflet.
The leaflet is now at the printing stage and Chris has got the following quotation for 4 different sizes of print run:
1000 £456
2000 £526
3000 £596
5000 £726

Next meeting:
Thursday 21st August 7.15pm.


Friend of Ogden Water Minutes for meeting 5th June 2008

Attended by Craig, Sue, Ross, Adrian, Lorraine, Anthony, Chris B, Gavin, Christine, Emma

Apologies Margaret, Cyril, Bill, Robin, Chris (ladies badminton evening), Jan

1.Cheque reissued for Steve Milner to replace expired cheque for bees talk, made out to air ambulance

2. Website- items and revisions discussed with Anthony, including front page, Friends of page and other streamlining. Chris to meet with Anthony and go through the site and review options.

3. Breathing places update- Robin has secured an extension to the funding bid until 31st July and this will allow us to complete the project. It looks as if we will not require the pond liner which has £2000 allocated but Robin has indicated that the funding coordinators will allow some latitude in spending this.

4. Calendar- this was raised as a potential project for this year and discussed by the committee. It was agreed not to create a calendar for 2009 as sales were difficult to come by other than friends and relations of the committee, it represents a major project and is very time consuming for little profit. This will be reviewed next year if an outpouring of interest ensues!

5. Hogroast- this has been mooted a few times as an event and after considerable research and much discussion the committee were concerned about cost, waste and appropriate use of funds; it was also felt to be an unnecessary way of alienating vegetarians. We decided to hold a catered event to be held on Saturday 30th August with donations to cost for attending.

This event will commence at 5.00pm and celebrate the opening of the new pond feature and completion of the Breathing Places grant works. A tour of the pond will precede the evening get together.

6. Some disquiet over event schedules and communication problems between The Friends and the site management saw an agreement reached to arrange a joint meeting to resolve some issues and raise concerns. Craig to arrange a meeting between the site rangers and the group. This to cover events, publicity, Christmas, Easter, Car park information signs and the Ogden history leaflet drafted by Margaret Stafford.

7. Walks leaflet completed and printing to follow shortly. Chris and Jan to find costings.

8. Talks- Bill has arranged a talk by Jean Evans about small National Trust properties for Wed 15th October called “I could live here”. Also a talk by John Spencer for Thursday 20th November on the English Civil War. Craig to contact Bill with a view to confirming these dates and talks.

Date of next meeting 10th July 7.15pm


Minutes for Friends Meeting Thursday 8th May 2008.

1) Breathing Places Grant.
Works on the pond has started. Robin to liase with Christine re: publicity for pond etc. when completed. The majority of the money will be invoiced by the end of the project date.

Calderdale Council is designing and producing the two interpretation panels for the reservoir and the pond. They will be mounted in ash frames. Cost £2200, with original art work.

2) Orienteering Course.
Teachers training event had 13 participants. Thanks to Jackie Scarf for running the course. £10 donated to Riverside J and I for materials costs.

Running a Fathers Day event to promote the new orienteering course. Event to be organised by Anthony. Christine is happy to throw on some refreshments on the day in the classroom.

3) Future talks.

Windfarm talk has been organised by Sue for the 16th September, 7:00pm

Bill is to organise the following:
Civil War for Wednesday 15th October and
Virgins for Thursday November 20th. Hurrah!
The above are both talks, and not anarchy or wishful thinking. Dates provisional.

4) End of Summer Social.
Emma/Craig/Sue to look into costs and availability of having a spit roast for Friday 29th August.

5) Leaflets. Walks around Ogden leaflet is finished. Chris to get a quote for printing. Margarets history booklet to be printed off and distributed to committee, and then will move forward on over the Summer.

6) Website. All agreed that a meeting with Anthony would be a good idea re: giving him more input/ideas/help on improving and developing the website. Possibly next committee meeting subject to availability.

7) Stationary for Lorraine. As Lorraine has left the Co-op, she will now need some stationary items purchasing. Ross/Sue to contact for a list of necessaries.

Next Committee meeting Thursday 5th June, 7:15pm.


Minutes for Friends Meeting Thursday 6th March 2008.

Present: Ross, Sue, Robin, Gavin, Christine, Margaret, Bill, Cyril, Adrian, Lorraine.

1) Finances
Current account stands at £2282.89

Breathing Places £9485.34

2) Breathing Places Grant.
Works on the pond have started. Robin is confident that the project can be completed in 12 weeks. Digger hire to be arranged for after Easter, with delivery to be taken for pond liner and plastic boards etc. soon after then.

Bird box cameras: awaiting a final quotation from a company called Boxwatch, and then will proceed with purchasing the necessary equipment. Hopefully the delivery will be taken within the next 10 days.

3) Future talks and events
Events are needed for the forthcoming year.

Robin asked whether the committee were happy to support an ‘owl’ event in August during the school holidays. This would be an open day for families and children where they could ‘meet’ different types of owl, look at displays, go to talks and have there photographs taken with an owl. A mid-week event, set for Wednesday 20th August. Cost up to £250. Probably charge of £2 entry. Christine has offered to help organise refreshments.
(web address:

Text to promote event in Wildside publication:
Wednesday 20th August
‘Ogden Owl Discovery Day’

Event held in conjunction with the Friends of Ogden Water

Come along to Ogden during the school holidays and find out about and meet these magnificent birds. Several different types of owl, from Eagle owls to Tawny owls, will be on show. Alongside displays there will also be mask making and other activities for a fun day out. It should be a hoot (groan!) Event runs from 10:00am to 15:30 – drop-in any time. Please telephone (01422) 249136 for further information. £2 charge

Other ideas were suggested for events. Sue raised to try and target schools this year and have an event for them. An event focusing on dinosaurs, perhaps enlisting the help and expertise of the West Yorkshire Geology Trust, was put forward. Christine to investigate whether it might fit with the curriculum.

Talks: Bill to follow his contacts and enquire on a talk about the Duke of Wellington regiment.
Christine to enquire about a ‘green issues’ talk with Calderdale Council.
Sue/Ross enquire about a talk on windfarms.

4) Orienteering course.
The orienteering course is now fully in place. New maps will be produced over the next two weeks. A training course may be held to introduce and coach teachers on orienteering for their classes.


Next meeting: Thursday April 3rd at 7.15pm


Minutes for Friends Meeting Thursday 17th January 2008.

Present: Ross, Sue, Craig, Robin, Gavin, Chris, Jan, Christine, Emma, Anthony.
Apologies: Margaret,  Bill, Chris, Lorraine.

1) AGM.
Details for the forthcoming AGM were confirmed as follows:

2) Finances
As at 31st December 2007, the Friends had a positive balance of £12,389.18.
This excludes: Outstanding income from the sale of Calendars and Xmas Hamper raffle and expenditure on orienteering posts and signs.
£9750 is committed spend on the Breathing Places grant.
A resolution was passed to pay Anthony £70 fees for payment of hosting the web site and for consumable items etc.

3) Calendars.

All 150 now sold!

4) Mammal Review.
Agreed to finish the Friends subscription to the Mammal Society. Not much interest has been made in their journals. Resolved to subscribe to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

5) Breathing Places
Concern raised over whether the £9,750 Breathing Places grant would be spent by the May deadline. Robin was confident this would be the case – just awaiting a break in the weather to commence works on pond. Should start by mid-February.

6) Orienteering Course.
New plastic posts and orienteering signs have been ordered and will be available for collection soon. Cost estimated to be £450 plus VAT.

7) Newsletter.
Robin to put together a short newsletter before AGM. A general plea will go out to members for them to come to the AGM armed with suggestions for potential Friends projects, activities, talks and also any feedback.

Also to warn folk not to eat an evening meal before coming to the AGM as there will be plenty of delicious food and drink!!

Next meeting: provisionally Thursday 6th March at 7.15pm.


Minutes for Friends Meeting Thursday 22nd November 2007.

Present: Ross, Sue, Margaret, Bill, Lorraine, Adrian, Craig, Robin, Gavin, Bill, Chris, Jan, Christine.

Apologies: Chris S, Emma.

1) Finances
Current Account stands at £2250, with a cheque for £50 outstanding.
The Breathing Places grant money in the interest account has earned £80 of interest so far.

2) Breathing Places
Robin is to chase Hugh Roberts re: supply of materials for the pond – ie plastics for boardwalk and pond liner.

3) Badger Talk
Good turn out of 30 people. Edward Ashman was very pleased with the total £83.50 of donations.

4) AGM
Date set of Friday First of February for AGM. Craig has looked into the possibility of a Hog Roast but it is expensive at £450, and would be better suited to a warmer time of year. Catering budget for AGM set at £300, and Jan will ask her sister for a price based on 50 covers. Food to be supplied to round off 150 years celebrations.
Jan and Chris have agreed to put together a small slide presentation for the AGM.

5) Christmas.
Margaret to make another hamper for a Xmas raffle. Hamper to be in the shop by weekend. Christine looking for helpers for Xmas refreshments during Father Xmas event (newsletter?). Lorraine to sort out mulled wine.

6) Walks leaflet.
Chris has progressed with the Walks Around Ogden leaflet – its looking excellent. Chris will price up the cost of printing the publication and work out a retail price. To meet with Dave and Robin to finalise details, such as waymarking and stepping stones.

Simon Dedrick.
Simon has been extremely ill. Agreed to send Simon get well wishes from the Friends, and buy flowers, wine and chocolates.

Orienteering Course.
With the bid to the Co-op unsuccessful, Robin asked committee whether they would be able to pay for the replacement orienteering course. Agreed to do so. Robin to meet with Anthony to progress.

Next Meeting:
Thursday 17th January, 7:15pm.

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