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Ogden Water events 2017

Ogden Water Practical Days:

There is always a job or two to do and so we need some help to look after and enhance Ogden Water for visitors and wildlife. Meet Chris Sutcliffe at Ogden Water to help with ongoing management and new projects on the nature reserve.
Session runs 09.45 – 15.00, but if you can only stay half a day that is fine!.
Please contact 0776 995 4956 for more details
Lunch required. Sorry no dogs.

Keighley Road Surgery Health Walks to Ogden Water:
Meet Dennis Bootland and Christine Crompton at 10.00 outside Illingworth Moor Methodist Church for a 4.5-5.5 mile walk to Ogden Water. For more information, please ring 0740 399 2642.

Friday 29th September ....

  • Dress appropriately for the activity.   Walkers need boots, warm clothing and waterproofs, except for in summer when, boots/stout shoes and waterproofs should suffice.
  • Jeans are unsuitable for walking unless you bring waterproofs.
  • No booking is required unless stated in the programme.
  • We would prefer you to leave your dog at home. If you do bring it please keep it on a lead at all times.   Please note that Open Access land may have restrictions on dogs at certain times of the year, which may not be in force at the time of going to press. Please also note that some landowners have banned dogs from Open Access land permanently (for example Walshaw Dean Estate and Manshead Hill). Where dogs are allowed on Access land, they must be kept on a lead at all times.   If in doubt, please leave your pet at home for the walk.  
  • No unaccompanied children under 16.
  • Check bus times for 'bus walks' and bring change for the fare.
  • The pace of our walks is relatively slow.   If anyone gets ahead of the leader then we will assume that they have left the walk.
  • Walks are circular unless otherwise stated.
  • We would prefer it if you refrained from smoking whilst attending countryside walks and activities.

                 Page updated October 26, 2017